Literary response

Hear are some ways Melody changed in the story “Out of my mind”. When Melody got her new automatic wheelchair she super happy because now she can move herself without someone having to push her.”Now I don’t have to wait for somebody to move me across the room”.Mrs.v was teaching Melody how to talk by making a board that had words on it,so Melody could point to the words she wanted to say.”I pointed to yes on my board then no”.When Melody got her new Medi-talker she was ecstatic because now she can actually talk to her family and friend’s.”Calm down mello yello Mrs.v says placing a hand on my shoulder,but I can’t relax”.”Open!Open!Open!I tap”. These are some ways Melody has changed in the story.

Sharon Drapers writing

I like all the decisions the author made in the story. I like how the author hooked you into reading the story by the first sentence.[ “I’m surrounded by thousands of words maybe millions.’’] What made me really like this book was the humor in the story.[ “I strained.I reached.I tried so hard,I farted!”]All of the descriptive language gives you a feel for how it is to have a disability.[ “My parents would prop me up on the floor with pillows on either side of me when I wasn’t baby seat.”] That’s what I like about Sharon Draper and her story.

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