Stand UP

Malala is brave and courageous and without that she would have been just another girl in Pakistan. Malala wrote the book “I am Malala”;she was a 10 year old girl who wanted to make a difference. Bravery is important in life and without that you would get run over by people in the world. Malala […]

Standing Bold

Malala made her voice heard because she believes in girls rights to go to school in Pakistan, so they can have a better life and an education. Malala refuses to stop going to school because of the Taliban’s beliefs, so Malala decides to make a group of girls that will stand bold and fight the […]

Malala’s Mission

Education is so important to Malala because she doesn’t want to be an ordinary housewife, she wants to be somebody in life, and education will get her their. Malala believes that all girls should be able to go to school so they can become successful in life. However, Malala grew up in school so she […]

The Generation Of Technology

Texting and calling are good ways of communication and faster ways to talk to your friends. However, when you are communicating through technology sometimes you will say something that you know is not mean or discouraging but when the person you’re texting reads it they may get offended.While some similarities between communicating in person and […]

My True Friends: Reflection of Out of my Mind

I only want friends that can be themselves, If you can’t be yourself I can’t trust you, around me or my family, I can’t let you in my house because you might steal, Now that you have showed me your true colors,welcome, You can now be accepted as my friend.

Literary response

Hear are some ways Melody changed in the story “Out of my mind”. When Melody got her new automatic wheelchair she super happy because now she can move herself without someone having to push her.”Now I don’t have to wait for somebody to move me across the room”.Mrs.v was teaching Melody how to talk by making […]

Sharon Drapers writing

I like all the decisions the author made in the story. I like how the author hooked you into reading the story by the first sentence.[ “I’m surrounded by thousands of words maybe millions.’’] What made me really like this book was the humor in the story.[ “I strained.I reached.I tried so hard,I farted!”]All of […]

Hello world!

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