Stand UP

Malala is brave and courageous and without that she would have been just another girl in Pakistan. Malala wrote the book “I am Malala”;she was a 10 year old girl who wanted to make a difference. Bravery is important in life and without that you would get run over by people in the world. Malala chooses to be brave and stand up to for what’s right and stand up to the Taliban. However, the Taliban is a group of people who are not afraid to kill innocent people who try to stop them make girls not be able to go to school,so Malala is risking her life to make a change in her country Pakistan. Malala is willing to risk her life. She goes on live television and protest for what’s right. “I will not be able to do this alone, so I will need all of your help and stop the Taliban.”

Being brave will help encourage other people to be brave. Malala got shot in the head one day while sitting on her bus going home. After she recovered from her injuries she still wanted to speak out against the Taliban knowing the Taliban will try to kill her again. Although she might die for speaking on live television she took the chance and with her doing so she encouraged a whole lot of people to speak out against the Taliban. “I will not stop fighting for what’s right.” As you can see, bravery is very important,so you can make a change in this spine-chilling world

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